We want you to love your Vertigo Recording Goggles and DizzyDoctor App or let us know how we make them the best. Here are some of the questions we frequently get asked to possibly help you out.


A. The DizzyDoctor System is composed of three parts. It includes the Vertigo Recording Goggles, the DizzyDoctor iPhone Application, and the DizzyDoctor Website Patient/Physician Portal.
A. The Vertigo Recording Goggles are the specially designed goggles that allow a patient to attach their iPhone so that they may obtain video eye movement recordings in the Dix- Hallpike testing positions. The Vertigo Recording Goggles hold the iPhone in the proper placement over the patient’s eyes.
A. The DizzyDoctor System is comprised of an iPhone Application, the Vertigo Recording Goggles as well as the online profile. To obtain the system simply go to your registered physician's office and have them train you on how to use the system. They will set you up with goggles to take home then download the free application that is available on the Apple iTunes store on your iPhone.
A. You can order the Vertigo Recording Goggles through a registered physician at their clinic.
A. The Vertigo Recording Goggles cost about $100 for the training program provided by your doctor.
DizzyDoctor products are warranted against all manufacturer defects for 6 months. DizzyDoctor does not warrant against lost items or lenses against scratching. Warranty is valid only if purchased through an authorized Physician distributor or the DizzyDoctor website.
A. Return your product in a cardboard box not an envelope, via UPS or registered mail to guarantee their safe arrival. Ship to: 7625 Mesa College Drive suite 200A, San Diego, CA 92111 Attn: Warranty Department. Please include a letter concerning your claim, and a check or money order for $8 for return shipping and handling. Make sure to include your name, telephone number, and address.
  • You can also file a warranty claim by calling us at (858) 223-2174 and ask for the warranty department or you can email them at support@DizzyDoctor.com.
  • A. Refund Policy: Our product has a satisfaction guarantee or you may return it within 30 days of the shipment date for a full refund of the item price. Customers will be responsible for all shipping costs unless the item received was damaged. All returns must be in their original product packaging. If an item was damaged during shipment please contact us immediately (Keep packaging so we may file a claim).
  • Exchange Policy: To exchange a purchase, please send your items back to the below address marked ATTN: Refund/Exchange. Send back a copy of the packing slip with the appropriate exchange information. Please enclose a $8.00 check or money order for shipping and handling on exchanges.
  • *Please keep your tracking information - DizzyDoctor is not responsible for lost packages.
  • Refund/Exchange Address:
    DizzyDoctor Systems
    ATTN: Refund/Exchange
    7625 Mesa College Drive suite 200A
    San Diego, CA, 92111
A. No, the Vertigo Recording Goggles are not permitted to monitor visual conditions.
A. If you happen to get a new version of iPhone you can purchase a new set of Vertigo Recording Goggles that correspond with your current version of iPhone.
A. The Vertigo Recording Goggles are compatible with iPhone 6, 6Plus and 7.
A. Start by obtaining the Vertigo Recording Goggles from your doctor. Then, create a patient account at DizzyDoctor.com so that your video recordings may be viewed by you and your physician. Finally, download the DizzyDoctor App to your iPhone and log in with the same credentials as your DizzyDoctor Patient Portal. When experiencing an episode of dizziness, you may then use the DizzyDoctor App and the Vertigo Recording Goggles to obtain a video recording of your eye movements.
A. The DizzyDoctor System is designed to be used with the assistance of a family member or friend.
A. Yes. To ensure safety, you should use the assistance of a family member or friend while using the DizzyDoctor System and Vertigo Recording Goggles.
A. After each video recording session, you will be able to view the raw, unprocessed footage before uploading it to the patient portal on the DizzyDoctor website. This allows you to ensure the video is clear and has obtained a good recording of your eye movements.
A. After a recording session is complete, the raw footage will automatically be stored in the DizzyDoctor iPhone App for 30 days. It can then be viewed and uploaded to the DizzyDoctor Patient Portal for further data processing.
A. Every video will automatically be stored in the DizzyDoctor iPhone App immediately after the recording process has ended. You may then review the raw footage on your iPhone device. Each video will also be automatically uploaded to your DizzyDoctor Patient Portal. Once a video recording has been uploaded to the DizzyDoctor Patient Portal, they will be stored for 30 days. These videos will not be available to view until they have been unlocked and processed with credits.
A. When a video has been unlocked with a purchased credit, it will then be automatically processed to provide an enhanced viewing experience for both the patient and the physician. Not only will the processing allow for sequential viewing of the four separate Dix- Hallpike positions, it will also allow viewing of the eye tracking data in nystagmograph form. There will also be a side-by-side display of horizontal and vertical gyroscopic data integral to the phone that will verify to the viewing physician that the patient was keeping their head still throughout the recording process. These pertinent pieces of information will allow for a more accurate understanding and diagnosis of the patient’s condition
A. credits may be purchased in the DizzyDoctor Patient Portal. They allow you to unlock videos that have been uploaded from the DizzyDoctor iPhone App to the Patient Portal. Once a video has been unlocked with a credit, it will then automatically be processed and available for viewing by you and your physician. It costs one credit per video. The prices are as follows:
  • 1 credit: $19.99
    4 credits: $74.99
    6 credits: $99.99 (BEST VALUE)
A. The DizzyDoctor App will keep raw eye video recordings for a period of 30 days both in your iPhone App and on your Patient Portal. If they have not been unlocked and processed on the Patient Portal with a Credit within 30 days, these videos will be deleted. Unlocked and processed videos will stay in the Patient Portal for viewing for 2 years.
A. An error message will appear in the DizzyDoctor App. Unused videos or photos on your phone will then need to be deleted prior to any further recordings.
A. At your follow up office visit, your physician will be able to access the recorded videos that you have unlocked in your patient portal from the DizzyDoctor website. To view these videos, the physician will first log into HIS/HER DizzyDoctor physician portal account. The patient will then provide the physician with his/her log in credentials including his/her username and password. Once logged in, the physician will then have access to all of the unlocked, processed videos. The physician will not be able to see any videos that have NOT been unlocked from the DizzyDoctor iPhone Application. For the convenience of the physician, please unlock your videos prior to your appointment time.
Your physician simply has to go to DizzyDoctor.com and create a physician portal account with a username and password. They will then be able to log into their portal and view your unlocked videos once you provide them with your log in information at your follow up appointment. If your physicians would like to distribute their own Vertigo Recording Goggles, they may click on the “Request Goggles” tab.
A. To find physicians or distributors of the DizzyDoctor System, you will first need to make a profile. Once you have made a profile and signed in, simply click on the physician locator tab on the home page of your patient portal. A list of physicians will also be available in the DizzyDoctor iPhone App by clicking on the "DOCTORS" tab at the bottom of the screen.
A. The DizzyDoctor System follows the regulations of the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA). The full privacy policy is available to read from a link on DizzyDoctor.com or on the DizzyDoctor App.
A. No. The Vertigo Recording Goggles are fully assembled when shipped. When you want to start a video recording, you will have to attach your smart phone to the goggles and start the DizzyDoctor iPhone App.
A. Yes, the Vertigo recording goggles do require a CR2 lithium battery available at most drug stores. The battery powers the goggles built in LED light for illumination of the eye. Batteries included with purchase of unit.
A. The DizzyDoctor app can be downloaded from the iTunes App store or the Google Play store.
A. The DizzyDoctor App is available for download for free from the iTunes App store.
A. You will need to first create a Patient Portal account on the DizzyDoctor website including a username and password. Click on the “Sign-Up” link at the top right corner of the home screen or the bottom right of the Log-in page. You will also enter this same username and password when logging into the DizzyDoctor iPhone App. This will allow you to directly upload your videos from the DizzyDoctor iPhone App to the online Patient Portal.
A. At the bottom of the “Log-In” page, there will be a tab labeled “Forgot Password?” By clicking here and following the instructions, an email will be sent to your account so you may reset your password.
Yes. We offer free DizzyDoctor logo stickers. For all sticker inquiries please send a self- addressed envelope with a stamp to the following address:
DizzyDoctor Systems
ATTN: Sticker Inquires
7625 Mesa College Drive suite 200A
San Diego, CA 92111