About Us

Our highly trained team comes from all over the world ranging from Germany to China to the United States. We come from different aspects which make us excel in bringing software engineering to the medical community.

We are incorporated in San Diego California to design and market medical devices related to a variety of vestibular and balance disorders markets. Our goal is to create innovative products that allow patient access to remote diagnosis and treatment strategies for a variety of vestibular and balance disorders that render an individual unable to perform activities of daily living

Our Team

  • Co-founder / Advisor

    Ian Purcell M.D./ Ph. D

  • Co-founder/ Advisor

    Yinhong Qu, Ph.D.

  • VP of Research and Development

    Alex Bock

  • Operations Manager

    Josie Holguin

Contact US

For any questions please contact us or refer to our FAQ DizzyDoctor System

7625 Mesa College Drive suite 200A San Diego, CA 92111

(858) 223-2174 support@dizzydoctor.com